He Joined The Navy

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He Joined The Navy

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He Joined The Navy

He joined the Navy
At the age of eighteen
Not because he was forced to
But rather it was his dream

He went through basic training
They put him through every test
He learned to suck it up
So he could turn out one of the best

from all the sore and stiff muscles
There were many of nights he lost sleep
But he kept pushing himself forward
He knew there were rewards he'd reap

He loved the fighting practices
But hated cleaning up the deck
It made him feel like a maid
But he cleaned and left not a speck

He lined up for the roll call
Every morning always the same way
And they began every morning
Long before the break of day

He quickly moved up in ranks
As if he knew just what to do
He went through all this Hell
To protect the likes of me and you

So salute all those Navy guys
Should you pass them on the street
Give them a warm "THANK YOU"
As we should any soldier that we meet

Written 7/20/2018 by Norman Hale Jr.
© 2018 (All rights reserved)
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