She's Just A Soldier Girl

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She's Just A Soldier Girl

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She's Just A Soldier Girl

She's just a soldier girl
Fighting for what she believes
Fighting for all it's worth
While wearing her heart on her sleeve

She fights with her sisters
Who lay in trenches by her side
Praying they'll make it home
To hold loved ones with pride

She's just a soldier girl
All dressed up in uniform
Always patiently waiting
In the calm before the storm

Sometimes she has dreams
That wake her up at night
Dreaming of the Hell she goes through
Each time she's forced to fight

She's just a soldier girl
But has dreams of her own
To raise a nice family
Once she returns home

She dreams of a handsome man
To be there through thick and thin
To understand what she's been through
And love her right up to the end

She's just a soldier girl
And a beauty on the dance hall floor
To see that smile on her face
One would never knew she went to war

So let's say a prayer today
For all our soldier girls out there
Let's show them all our respect
And show them just how much we care

inspired by this picture
Written 7/17/2018 by Norman Hale Jr.
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