She Pushes Him Around

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She Pushes Him Around

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She Pushes Him Around

As she pushes his wheelchair
Up close to that great big wall
He starts reading off the names
It's then his tears begin to fall

As he recognizes his friends
From what seamed a lifetime ago
As he thinks of each of their faces
And all the Hell they went through

There were some he saved himself
And others rescued him as well
Had it not been for some of them
His story, he could not tell

He gets so angry and mad
When he hears of some disrespecting the flag
He fought and lost too good a friends
For them to treat it like 'just some old rag'

And then there are some out there
That won't stand for the National Anthem
They are disrespecting any and all Soldiers
Those that have passed on and 'cripples' like him

His family have only heard a few
Of his stories of his wars and Hell
Most he keeps bottled up inside
Some he took oaths to never tell

Crippled up or not though
His wife is happy to have him back
And smiles as she pushes her hero around
Though they were a part, their love never lacked

There's a lot of pressure there
Taking care of one crippled up so
They could use our support and prayers
For any of us could be next,God only knows

Yes,she pushes him to that wall
Almost everyday that they can
It helps ease his mind off things
God knows, she'll do what she can for her man

So if you think about it
She's as much a hero as he is too
And they both deserve so much more
Than the respect from me and you

Written 7/02/2018 by Norman Hale Jr.
© 2018 Norman (All rights reserved)
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