Paint Me A Picture

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Paint Me A Picture

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Paint Me A Picture

Paint me a picture
With a sky so blue
Throw in a sunset
And a rainbow or two

Paint in some trees
Let them all be green
And may it all be
A very pretty seen

Paint in some flowers
And some roses too
May the rainbows colors
Set off their hue

Paint in a Golden Gate
With Angels standing there
As it has a great big arch
At the top of golden stair

May there streets be covered
With lots of silver and gold
And be beauty all around
That imaginations can't behold

May the grass be green
With no weeds to be found
And only Angels singing
Will be the only sound

Up there in the tree
Paint in a little dove
As it sits on that limb
A symbol of Gods love

Up there along the top
Let's paint in the sun
Then throw in a few clowds
And I think this ones done

Now let's name this painting
How about we name it "Promise Land"
This may sound a bit crazy
But,it was inspired by Gods Hand

Written 6/4/2018 by Norman Hale Jr.
© 2018 Norman (All rights reserved)
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