The Symbols Of Our Freedoms

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The Symbols Of Our Freedoms

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The Symbols Of Our Freedoms

The song of the whipper-will
Playing all through the night
As the flight of Hawks and Eagles
Are just part of Freedoms sight

The sight of Old Glory
Flapping there in the wind
Waving to those long gone
As if they were old friends

But should the wind stand still
And raindrops start hitting her
As they run down her stripes
They will roll like tears off her

And should someone salute her
Those stars will turn to smiles
The stripes shall wave back
As a soldier carries her for miles

Listen to the turtle dove
As she mourns for lost souls
Crying away each morning
Calling them home is her goal

And then there's Libert Bell
As she rings freedom in the air
In order to keep our freedom
It is our arms we must bare

Oh Liberty has a big crack
Mostly down her one side
Where she took a hit for freedom
Yet rings there with pride

And there's the unknown soldier
Who gave for what he believed in
For a country full of opportunities
He paid with no name given to him

Yet, so many want to erase
These symbols of our freedoms today
Like they can undo our history
And make up stuff in their own way

Let us stop all the madness
And make this world a better place
Before some other mad-man
Tries to wipe out the human race

Written 5/28/2018 by Norman Hale Jr.
© 2018 Norman (All rights reserved)
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