Memorial Day

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Memorial Day

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Memorial Day

It's a day for respecting
Loved ones gone on before
Whether they died at home
Or off in a foreign war

We'll visit their graves
With flowers in our hands
Shedding tears in remembrance
Wishing they were holding our hands

Kneeling by the stones
Praying for their souls
Hoping to see them again
Is most of our goals

The fresh mowed lawns
With stones standing tall
Mostly in-lines marking the graves
May we remember them one-and-all

Some where just children
When they were sent off to war
They had no idea about life yet
Let a lone about lands oh so far

Some died at their homeland
Some nursing homes, some streets
Where death might find you
It is something you can not defeat

Yes it's a day for memories
And oh yes so much more
Like respecting our flag
And our soldiers from shore-to-shore

When anyone burns a flag
It's disrespecting those that served
They should be tried for treason
In public they should be burned

Let's give them our respects
On this Memorial Day,you see
For not for others sacrifices
We could not remain Land-Of-The-Free

Written 5/27/2018 by Norman Hale Jr.
© 2018 Norman (All rights reserved)
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