There She Sits Knitting

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There She Sits Knitting

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There She Sits Knitting

There she sits knitting
Working on a piece of art
Humming her favorite tune
Feeling humble in her heart

It's her therapy from things
Going on in this world today
As she sits back in her rocker
Crocheting the day away

She thinks of her lost loves
Way back in her days long gone
As she sits there rocking
With her hair up in a bun

She hums an old Loretta song
"Your squaw is on the war path"
As she thinks how she's been wronged
And smiles,as she thinks of their wrath

She's been working on a blanket
For one of her grand-babies
Thinking of their smiling face
She loves them all,that's not a maybe

She starts thinking of her children
So proud of the people they grew to be
Some served in the services
Fighting for us all to be free

Yes, she sits there knitting
Working off a lot of her anger
As long as she's still knitting
Some of us are in a little less danger

Written 4/16/2018 by Norman Hale Jr.
© 2018 Norman (All rights reserved)
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