Come To Me

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Come To Me

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Come To Me

Come to me
The doctor said at birth
So we can clean you up
For your start on earth

Come to me
The mother said as he walked
And she would run to catch him
If he would start to fall

Come to me
His buddy said as they played
Always staying close together
Incase one of them were afraid

Come to me
The girl friend said in plea
As they walked hand-in-hand
True love is what others see

Come to me
He said as the girl friend walked that isle
His chest swelled with pride
Both thier faces covered in smiles

Come to me
The mother said there on her bed
As she passed from this earth
Many tears there he shed

Come to me
He said as his child was born
A love like no other before
since the day he was born

Come to me
He said at his childs graduation
With his heart filled with pride
It wasn't hard to say congradulations

Come to me
He heard the preacher say
Once more he was filled with joy
At his childs wedding day

Come to me
The Angel said to him
It's time to go to Heaven
Where you'll know no more sin

Come to me
Jesus said from His Throne
Here you'll have no worries
And you'll never be alone

Written 12/11/2017 by Norman Hale Jr.
© 2017 Norman (All rights reserved)
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