Watching The Sun Rise

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Watching The Sun Rise

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Watching The Sun Rise

Steam rises up the hillsides
As the morning sun starts to rise
Burning away last nights frost
Bringing a new day as a surprise

A fog covers the valleys
As the sun warms up the ground
Bringing in a brand new day
With out making a bit of sound

Though the temps get cold at night
The sun warms them up through the day
Up and down like a roller coaster
All just part of natures way

The sun peaks in our windows
Telling us "it's time to get things done"
Days get shorter as the year comes to end
We pray for better days as each day is gone

We never know from one day to next
What tomorrow might bring at hand
But with the rise of each sun
We know there's always a greater plan

Don't go fussing if it rains
For it's just water from Grace
To make sure everything grows
right there in its very own space

So watch the sun rise each morning
With a big smile upon your face
And as it sets down each night
You'll see paintings from there in Grace

Written 11/28/2017 by Norman Hale Jr.
© 2017 Norman (All rights reserved)
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