As The Sun Goes Down

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As The Sun Goes Down

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As The Sun Goes Down

As the sun goes down
The prayers go up
Seems we're always praying
For those that we love

The suns sets down low
As the sky turns dark
When the clouds clear off
We can count the stars

Sometimes we wander
If the stars are eyes
Watching our every move
From the distant skies

Or is each one an Angel
Watching our every move
Waiting there in Heaven
Watching how we share love

The sun goes down each night
But each morning starts a new day
The sun shines brightly
Saying "get up and be on your way

The sun sets in the west
As the moon takes over for the night
Then come morning back to the east
The sun will return to a new mornings light

Everyday is a gift, you see
Each one has its own treasure
Enjoy each as much as you can
Don't waste them with useless pleasure

Yes the sun goes down
But tomorrow will be a new day
Take allyour troubles tonight
And give them to God as you pray


Written 11/6/2017 by Norman Hale Jr.
© 2017 norman (All rights reserved)
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