Banjo Grandpa

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Banjo Grandpa

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Banjo Grandpa

He sits on the porch
With a banjo on his knee
Singing songs of praise and glory
He'll sing to you or me

He was never a soldier
His banjo is his sword
Fighting for all he can
He's fighting for the Lord

He sits there every night
Singing with the setting sun
Picking away at the banjo
Before each day is done

Some say he's crazy
As the spirit fills his soul
Singing his songs to Heaven
Before life takes its toll

He's a sweet old man
Someones grandpa I'm sure
Can be mean if he's crossed
But his love for God is pure

His songs fill the hollows
The coyotes howls becomes still
And as he begins to pick away
Not a peep from the whipper-whill

Everyone that knows him
Calls him grandpa through respect
Though they're no relation
His sweetness has that affect

Yes every evening you can hear
His songs of praise and glory
Across the hills and valleys
Using bits and peices of Gods story

Written 10/13/2017 by Norman Hale Jr.
© 2017 norman (All rights reserved)
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