The Coal Miners Life

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The Coal Miners Life

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The Coal Miners Life

There she stands on the porch
Waiting for her man to come in
He goes to work in the mine
Before others day even begins

She has supper ready for him
Sitting on the wood stove
The kids are waiting for Dad
To come show them some love

So many never see the Hell
The miners go through each day
Crawling in holes like rats
Covered in coal dust,not clay

She waits there for her man
Always fearing for the worse
Praying he comes back to them
Not buried under a mountains curse

City folks don't understand
What a miners life is like
Putting his life in danger
So others have powered light

Crawling back in holes
With a light and pick in hand
Breaking away chunks of coal
While getting cover in black sand

So many don't even realize
The hell each family goes through
To make a living only way they know
They need more respect from me and you

Written 10/9/2017 by Norman Hale Jr.
© 2017 norman (All rights reserved)
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