Old Glory

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Old Glory

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Old Glory

There she waves
Up there on the pole
Waving to one and all
Her pride's out of control

The stripes are her smiles
The whites are for souls of man
While the red ones are for
The blood shed across the land

The stars are for the souls
Watching down at us each night
Telling us to do better
While shining us with Heavens light

The rips and tear are scars
From battle we are yet to see
But she hangs there with pride
For the likes of you and me

She hangs sometimes on a pole
And sometimes on a porch
Waving proudly to everyone
For better or for worse

Some won't saluter her
Disrespecting those that died
Only caring for their own ways
No matter how much others have cried

She waves with the wind
Though So many could careless
Then have the nerve to wander
Why, this world is a mess

She waves for the free
And she waves for the brave
With the rain she cries too
For those locked in a grave

To many want to disrespect her
And the freedoms they have today
For once let us unite together
And send them right on their way

Let her wave upon those poles
As well as upon those porches
May freedom ring forever
May her colors shine like torches

Written 10/8/2017 by Norman Hale Jr.
© 2017 norman (All rights reserved)
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