Standing At Her Stone

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Standing At Her Stone

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Standing At Her Stone

As I weep here at her stone
Beneath these lonesome pines
As my tears hit the ground
I can hear her say she'd be mine

But she caried anothers name
And he would not grant her divorce
So as I hang my head in shame
I miss her more everyday of course

As I plant these flowers
Beside of her head stone
I know she's with higher powers
As I'm still here all alone

Her ex taunted her so
Then one night he killed her
With one striking blow
As his mad rage did stir

Her stone looks so lonely
Standing here beneath the pines
If there wasn't so much jealousy
She would have been mine

But as I stand right here
With tears down my cheeks
It seems the more I dry away
The more my eyes do leak

Some say there's no true love
But they never met ones like her
An Angel from straight above
Where love is never a blur

Yes,as stand at her stone
Wishing she was here today
We would never feel alone
And the lovers games we'd play

But all I have is memories
Of our love from the past
If I make it to Heavens door
We'll make up for lost time fast

Written 9/17/2017 by Norman Hale Jr.
© 2017 norman (All rights reserved)
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