Just A Simple Little Prayer

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Just A Simple Little Prayer

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Just A Simple Little Prayer

A little girl was kneeling
Squatted in front of the pew
It was this I heard her say
"Jesus, I need to talk to You

You see dear Lord
My mom is in bad shape
My dad can't find work
And we have our scrapes

This is my first try at this
So please bear with me lord
We don't have much to eat
Just what ever they can afford

I pray for moms better health
And dad can find a real job too
I don't what else to ask for
So I'm leaving it it the hands of You"

It was about that time the girl
Felt something on her shoulder
She tried to turn around,but
It was like there was a boulder

She knew Jesus was there
Listening to her whole prayer
It was right then she knew
Just how much Jesus cared

As she got up to leave
With tears running down her face
She knew she had done the right thing
She knew her prayer had reached Grace

As she reached home at the shelter
Her mom was feeling much better now
And her dad had great news to share
He was starting work come tomorrow

Just a simple little prayer
From the heart of a little girl
And suddenly eveything is changing
All around in that girls world

Written 9/9/2017 by Norman Hale Jr.
© 2017 norman (All rights reserved)
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