The Old Church

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The Old Church

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The Old Church

Upon the hill there stands a church
Where nobody travels to anymore
The windows are broke paint is chipped
Its bell don't ring no more

Inside of the doors
The floors are a mess to see
It's such a sad situation
Because nobody around believes

At one time it was a full house
Come every sunday morning and night
But something happened to the people
They lost belief in Gods Holy Light

Now they mock at the site
As kids throw stones into the windows
Of that vacant church house
She stands there like a scarecrow

Often at times she'll moan
As the winds bellows through
Trying to wait her time out
Until someone finally gets a clue

There used to be so much preaching
And chiors would sing on and on
Never needing a song book
Yet never singing the same song

She was built there for a reason
With the ultimate church goal
Not just collect money in a plate
But rather help save mans soul

Yes there stands the old church
Up there on top of that hill
If you walk by in the winds
The moans will give you a chill

inspired by this picture
Written 9/2/2017 by Norman Hale Jr.
© 2017 norman (All rights reserved)
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