Her Silent Prayer

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Her Silent Prayer

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Her Silent Prayer

She wears a prayer on her lips
A special love in her heart
For her son serving over across
Praying he returns to her arms

He's been gone over there
Better than two years
Every night she says her prayer
Trying to cover up her fears

Wishing he was back here now
Because she's not feeling the best
And until the day he returns
She'll never get any rest

War takes it's toll on loved ones
As well as those that serve
It works on ones minds
Working its way to the nerve

So she whispers her prayer
For his safe return home
The moment he walks in
All her fears will be gone

For now she'll hold his picture
Each night as she says her prayer
She peaks at his picture
On her night stand right there

No one knows all her troubles
It's not something she wants to share
They just knows she's a good woman
With a golden heart that cares

Someday she'll get her wish
And her boy will be in her arms
Making up for the lost time
Finally safe from worldly harms

She has other kids and grandbabies
That she sees quite often
But worries so much for him
Praying he don't come in a coffin

For now it's just her prayers
Keeping her hopes up each day
Praying up to the good Lord
That she finally get her way

Written 8/29/2017 by Norman Hale Jr.
© 2017 norman (All rights reserved)
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