Like A Little Princess

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Like A Little Princess

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Like A Little Princess

Like a little princess
She lays there on her bed
Some say "she's not sick
It's all in her head"

Though she's a little girl
There's no age limit for cancer
If she could have her way
She'd be a ballerina dancer

She's been through so much chemo
It didn't take long to lose count
Cancer can sneak upon us all
For it makes not a sound

Some people have pitty
While others make fun
As if she can help it
She's far from being done

She's just a little princess
As she dreams up her world
She would do away with cancer
No moer sickness for boys or girls

St.Judes doesn't charge her
For all her visits or stays
Relying on others donations
Thier only source of pays

She lays there in her bed
Waiting to hear "Cancer is gone"
It's then she'll cry tears of joy
Knowing she finally goes home

To many other children
Are in the same shape too
Waiting to go back home
Waiting on donations from you

Let us pray for these children
That are living through this Hell
Pray there are no others
And these ones all get well

Written 8/28/2017 by Norman Hale Jr.
© 2017 norman (All rights reserved)
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