The Fight Of Her Life

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The Fight Of Her Life

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The Fight Of Her Life

She worries herself sick
As she cries most every night
Worried over loved ones
As she gives cancer a fight

Though her kids are grown
She takes care of them the same
Always concerned for thier well being
Almost driving herself insane

Just to look at her you'd never know
Of all the preasure she endures
Worried about her husband as well
With her golden heart so pure

Her grandkids don't understand
Why grandma is always so ill
She always acts so drained
And complaning of the chills

So many pray for her health
Hoping she soon gets better
And her spirit gets a big lift
As she'll moves around like a feather

She's not giving up by no means
Wants to see her grand-babies grow
She's determined to beat this
At times in her heart,she don't know

She has to wander at times
What Gods plan is, it's not clear
As she lays awake at night
Not telling her husband her fears

Yes she's still a mother
Grand-mother and a wife
Often looks back on it all
The things she's done in life

She's lived a good life
But not ready to give it up
Taking in each day as they come
Like taking a sip from a cup

She tries to stay strong
Keeping her family in line
Hoping to kick cancers butt
As she tells everyone "I'm fine!"

She prays for that final day
When the doc says "it's gone,
Can't find a single trace"
Then she'll know her fight is done

Until that day she needs prayers
From us one and all around
Though cancer is a killer
It doesn't make a sound

So we pray to you oh Lord
To wipe this cancer completly away
You can do it with just a touch
This is a prayer we all must pray

Written 8/26/2017 by Norman Hale Jr.
© 2017 norman (All rights reserved)
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