As We Gather Here Today

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As We Gather Here Today

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As We Gather Here Today

We gather here today
To say our final goodbye
I’ll try and visit your grave
To kneel,pray and cry

You will be missed
Much more than you know
But with each teardrop
Will only make my love grow

God knows how I love you
And wish you were here
And with each memory
There is bound to be a tear

What am I going to do
Without you I just don’t know
But as I look back on memories
This love inside seems to grow

Why did you have to leave me?
I still needed you right here
To hold on to every night
To help me with all my fears

We planted some flowers
Until the tombstone comes in
I promise to come back
To see you again and again

Oh how I wish you were here
To hold in this crazy world here
I know my pillow will be soaked
For many nights through the years

Yes we gather here today
To say our final goodbye
As I kneel by your grave
I have to ask God, Why?

Written 6/19/22 by Norman Hale
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