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As I was walking past a bar
I could hear two old men say
“Here’s to our buddies, we lost so far
That was chosen to die back in the day

Though it seems so long ago
In our minds it was yesterday
Our fight was not for no show
That war was Hell on us all everyday

Here’s to our better halves at home
While we were sent off to fight
Never knowing where we might roam
Lot’s of times fighting through the night

Here’s to our Generals that lead us on
Keeping us on our toes night and day
Making sure we were on alert with our gun
As they drew out the maps to lead our way

Here's to our enemy, they did their part
As some battles were quite a bloody mess
Some were kids that pulled at our hearts
More times than once we cried we must confess

Here’s to our God above that sees us through
For we all know we wouldn’t be here
We buried too many comrades, oh this is true
So to all we raise our glass of beer and say cheers”

Written 4/29/2022 by Norman Hale
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