In Tonights Autumn Sky

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In Tonights Autumn Sky

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In Tonights Autumn Sky

The clouds are rolling
Though the winds are still
The moon shines through
Tonights Autumn chill

The stars are twinkling
As cars go racing by
Never noticing any changes
In tonights Autumn sky

Children are now fast a sleep
Never knowing the face of fear
As the snow starts falling
Softly like an Angel's tear

The moon is now smiling
As it watches from above
Knowing all is covered
By God's gracious love

A train whistle blows away
As it travels through the night
To know all of this is going on
Brings one's heart a big delight

Yes the clouds are rolling
As Heaven watches it all
And come Judgment Day
We all pay as our name is called

Written 12/15/21
By Norman Hale
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