A New Beginning

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A New Beginning

Post by John »

As I sit slowly watching the sun break across the horizon this morning
There is a cold north wind blowing gently across my face
Telling me that fall has come back upon us once again
As I slowly sip my morning cup of coffee
Watching the sun dip in and out from some clouds in the sky
The sun rays are now hitting my face giving me that warm feeling once more
Now as I gaze across the garden and into the fields beyond the mountain slopes
Starring at the beauty of God's Creation
Wondering as to how He created such a majestic display of colours
That I am gazing upon.
The roses in the garden have turned to a dark brown
Yet most of the leaves are still green, with some starting to turn yellow.
Beyond the garden the pastures are still green with a display of yellow flowers from the dandelions and golden red upon the mountain slopes.
The maple tees are turning from yellow to bright red and the birch trees into a bright yellow color.
Yet all the pine trees display a dark green.
The wind blows slowly the leaves off the trees and they fall to the ground creating a carpet of magnificent colours.
Making one wonder as to hoe great the beauty is that God had created for us to feast our upon.
Just think as to how good and beautiful your life would be, once you surrender your will to God and let Him lead the way for you.
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Re: A New Beginning

Post by Hope »

This is so Beautiful, I felt like I was right there enjoying all the beauty God has made. And I Loved the ending, Thank you for Blessing my day with this Wonderful writing!

God Bless You Eva
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