A Christmas To Remember

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A Christmas To Remember

Post by DeaconSteve »

They are waiting for that day -
When Santa will bring them toys,
Guessing what might they get -
Those fortunate little girls and boys.

Some others look forward to less –
There is no Santa Claus for them,
Toys are the least on their minds –
Their broken lives need to mend.

Beautiful clothes they always wear –
Name brand only will they know,
Never to worry if they don’t fit –
While others go almost naked out in the cold.

People shopping for Christmas gifts –
Many family and friends for whom to buy,
Never thinking of a different fate –
Not everyone has a job on which to rely.

Christmas lights strung all over the house –
Drivers passing by, they are so bright,
The only light is a flickering candle –
Hiding their faces while parents fight.

Tucked into bed after end of day –
Pillows soft and blankets warm,
Kisses on their foreheads, saying good night –
All is safe, no fear of any harm.

Bullets flying in many directions –
Innocently striking a small child down,
Gangs roaming the streets at will –
While the poor little body waits to be found.

Put an angel on top of the tree –
Watch the lights flicker and blink,
Feel the warmth from the fireplace close –
Hot chocolate is prepared to drink.

Homeless person on the street corner –
Holding cup out to passerby’s,
Maybe a nickel or a dime will drop in –
Shivering in the cold so teary-eyed.

These pondering thoughts come to me –
As this Christmas season draws near,
Times have changed for so many folks –
Things aren’t like they were in long ago past years.

The one thing that is constant each year –
Is that Christmas is about a holy birth,
The coming of the Christ child for all who know –
That God loves His children all over this earth.

No matter the scene, be good or bad –
This event we celebrate the 25th of December,
Times have changed for many like no other -
And this will be a Christmas to remember!

© Steve A. Politte
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Post by RichardLopay »

that is a wonderful Christmas blessing for this next year Lets keep that simple message in our hearts from this Christmas and through every day in this new year
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Re: A Christmas To Remember

Post by DeaconSteve »

Yes we should Richard. Thank you for your input.
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