Woman Stealers Fan

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Woman Stealers Fan

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Woman Stealers Fan

There she sits
Flat on her couch
If her team gets behind
she becomes a grouch

Watching her Stealers
There on her t.v. set
Cheering them right on
Sometimes making a bet

Sometimes she's worse than
Any man if they're behind
Throwing things across the room
Like they can hear or read her mind

If someone calls or interupts her
It makes her fighting mad
But should they get ahead
That's when she gets glad

Some wander if she's drunk
Or just a little bit crazy
As she's glued to the t.v.
As if her head is hazy

It's fun to bet against them
Just to get her rattled up
But be good and ready to duck
Anything she might throw like a cup

Yes,she a big fan of the Stealers
On that there is no doubt
And should they lose the game
You better bet she's going to pout

She's much worse than men
Watching the game in a bar
They might throw a punch or two
But,when she hits she'll leave a scar

by request
Written 8/27/2017 by Norman Hale Jr.
© 2017 norman (All rights reserved)
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