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"Abra-cadabra" the old man said
As he stuck a rose inside his hat
The little girls started crying
As he turned up his hat and said 'That's that"

Then he flipped his hat back over
Stuck his hand in and said "Abra-cadabra" again
This time when he pulled his hand out
There was a bunch of roses on his hand

The crowd started cheering him
Those girls's frowns turned into smiles
Then they started watching him closer
Like they was in a trance for a while

Then the old man put something in his hat
What looked like some old rags
Again he said "Abra-cadabra"
And what he pulled out was a flag

The crowd went wild with cheers
After the crowd settled back down
He put his hand in and said "Abra-cadabra"
Then he pulled out a doll sized clown

Those girls were all smiles
Watching all of his tricks now
He said "I have a few more tricks
Before it's time to take a bow"

Then he put his hand in his hat
Moving in circles as he said "Abra-cadabra" of course
As he finally pulled his hand out
There in his hand was a live mini horse

Everyone there was in awe
As they cheered the night away
Watching his every little trick
That he performed at play

Then again he said "Abra-cadabra"
As he put his hand in like a habbit
This time when his hand came out
There it was holding an all white rabbit

He said "I have one more trick.
So watch the movement of every rage"
He put his hand in and said "Abra-cadabra"
"PUFF" he dissapeared leaving his hat on that stage

No one knew where he came from
And no one knows where he went
But he left some magical memories
right there under that big tent

Written 10/14/2016 by Norman Hale Jr.
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