The Know-It-Alls

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The Know-It-Alls

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The Know-It-Alls

The more you think you know
The more you'll need to learn
If you THINK you know-it-all you fail
No matter what obstacle you have to stern

Life has its ways of throwing in a curve
To throw you off your game
And if you don't stand your ground
Then you'll be the one with shame

So hold on to your hats boys
And don't throw that towel in yet
Because life is full of surprises
That my friend is your best bet

Now don't make any plans
They are only made to blow up
Much like the best time bombs
You'll look like a lost pup

If you want to make God laugh
Then just tell Him your plans
Because destiny is already written
Somewhere in the timeless sands

If we reach our goals
Then we have nothing left to reach for
That would leave nothing for the future
But a bunch of surprises that's for sure

Written 8/1/2016 by Norman Hale Jr.
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