Alone In The Dark

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Alone In The Dark

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Alone In The Dark

As I was walking
Alone in the dark
My eye caught a glimpse
Of a little small spark

As I walked that way
To investigate it
There she sat
Audrey the witch

She said "come on in sonny"
"The stew will soon be done"
"There's rats mice and toads!"
"And snake meat,and fresh buns"

I sat there on a rock
Watching her by the fire light
Her hands were shaking badly
And she was an awful sight

When her stew was done
she served me up a bowl
Then I saw on her shoulder
There sat a black crow

After we ate that stew
I thanked her for the meal
Then started on my way again
She hit me, and I became her next meal!

Written 3/18/2016 by Norman Hale Jr.
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