Scaring Boogieman

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Scaring Boogieman

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Scaring Boogieman

Eva and Audrey
Went walking through the woods
Boogieman was scared
He knew they was up to no good

He went running
Then hid behind some trees
Then started crying
"Don't let the catch me, please"

But audrey had seen him
As he was on that run
She poked Eva and laughed
Let's scare him just for fun

So, they split up
And kept sneeking up closer
They scared him so badly
He plowed the woods like a dozer

They laughed so hard
As they rolled on the ground
The whole woods was filled
With their laughter sound

They laughed all the way home
About what they had done
Then plans to do it again
Because it was so much fun

Written 8/16/2015 by Norman Hale Jr.
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