The Cat In The Hat's Visit

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The Cat In The Hat's Visit

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The Cat In The Hat's Visit

The cat in the hat
Came to visit our house
He was so quiet
As quiet as a mouse

He checked on the girls
A sleep in thier bed
He tapped them with his cane
Right on top of their heads

He talked to them
As if they were awake
Each question he asked them
Their heads in agreements did shake

He told the some stories
And of course they did rhyme
He clipped his feet
Just before the clock would chime

He said "Now children
You be good for both mom and dad,
For I will always know
If you're good, it makes me glad"

With a tip of his hat
His machinecame to pick him up
Then he was gone in an instant
As he left he called out "I'll be back you silly pup!"

this came to me today as the girls was watching
The Cat In The Hat on PBS

Written 8/6/2015 by Norman Hale Jr.
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