The Pink Fairy

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The Pink Fairy

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The Pink Fairy

Just last night as I was going out the door
I looked up in time to see a pink fairy in the sky
She asked me if my girls were up
When I said "No" she gave me a big sigh

She said they was good little girls
I said "You don't know them then!"
She said "But, they are just children!"
I told her "They can be mean as can be!"

She just laughed then fluttered around
She said "They are good kids,compared to some in town"
I said"Don't I know it, these days,
Kids these days get away with too much, and are dumber than clowns!"

She said "It looks like yours have some respect,
Not like most kids raised these days,
Most parents let the kids rule them,
Thenthey loose respect, and have no use for the old ways!"

I asked if her name was Tinker Belle?
She said "No!" "My name is Flickering Glow!,
Some shorten that down and call me Flo"
She said "Tell the girls hi, For I have to go!"

I said that was fine, I'll let them know,
But, can I get one picture of you?"
She said "yes but make it quick though,
Ihave to be gone very soon!"

So I snapped a picture of her
Right up there in that sky
And before I even knew it
She was saying "Give them kisses,Bye

Written for my girls tonight
inspired by this picture off facebook lol

Written 4/20/2015 by Norman Hale Jr.
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