Stormin' Norman

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Stormin' Norman

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The Earth stood still
The day I was born
For Heaven nor Hell
didn't know if to laugh or mourn

I died when I was nine months old
The doctors told mom and dad to go home
When they made it,they got the call to come back
for I had come back to haunt them all [lol]

When I was a young lad
I was often called to fight
Some got the answer from my left
but mostly from my right

The teachers called me "Stormin Norman"
They would often send me back home
But I didn't take no "bullying"
I stood solid as any stone

Some would cheer me on
Because they knew what I would do!
I didn't pick any of the fights
But I can say I won quite a few

it would take several teachers to pull me off
If I had one by the throat
One hand on the jugular
The other pounding the bigger bloat

Yes, I had quite a rep. in my day
Fighting Almost every other day
Ranging from things they did
Or triggered by things they might say

Some would call me four-eyes
Others picked by calling me other names
but no matter how they started
The fights always ended much the same

Now,I'd rather pick up my gun
And end it like in the old west
For my knuckles are all sore these days
And Arthur [arthritis] gives them an everyday test

Written 3/2/2015 by Norman Hale Jr. [Stormin' Norman that is lol]
all true story by the way
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