Vampires And Demons

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Vampires And Demons

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Vampires And Demons

Vampires and demons
Can be scary in the dark
The demons can be so hairy
While vampires teeth are so sharp

Either one can get you
And leave you dead as dead can be
There will be no coming back
And your soul will never be free

Vampires can't come out in the light
And the cross they will surely shun
But, they can be shot down
By a silver bullet in a gun

The demons they each very
On what degree they are from
Some are the walking dead
Others rise up from the scum

Either way vampires and demons
Are not the average mans joys
And if they start after you
You'd best be faster than the other boys

You had better be ready
And don't play no fool
Because I see one now
And it's coming after YOU

written 1/13/2015 by Norman Hale Jr.
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