The Train Named Joe

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The Train Named Joe

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The Train Named Joe

Up and down the railroad tracks
He travels to-and-fro
Taking goods back and forth
This little train named Joe

He delivers most everything
From food to black coal
As he delivers each load
He passes a brand new goal

He chug-chugs right along
With each goal in mind
Huffin-and-puffin like a song
Yes, old Joe is one of a kind

When it's his time off
He sits there all sad and blue
He likes to keep moving on
To keep his steam boiling like a stew

One day he might retire
But, he'll never run and hide
If nothing else is possible
He'd love to give kiddies rides

written 10/20/2014 by Norman Hale Jr.
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Re: The Train Named Joe

Post by Hope »

I really enjoyed this I have never rode on a train before but after reading about Joe makes me want to!

God Bless You Eva
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