Ole Burt

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Ole Burt

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Ole Burt

I have a bird his name is Burt
But he’s got a problem, on everything he’d squirt!
I tried to put a diaper on him one day
But his main tail feather got in the way!
And with an angry squawk and a painful bite
Away he flew, on my curtain rod to alight
Burt sat there and watched me with one beady eye
If I got too close why away he’d fly!
Sitting there atop his perch he broke into song
After flying and squirting all day long!
Everywhere you looked there was poo!!
I came to the conclusion this was all he could do!
So there I sat, as still as could be
Hoping his poo wouldn’t squirt on me!
Now what do I do?
As I stared at the poody poo on my shoe.
But Ole Burt – oh no, he wasn’t through
Why he was gonna show me what else he could do.
Off his perch he came flying fast as could be,
Why that son of a gun was dive bombing me!!!!
And he’d squawk his delight each pass he would make,
That’s it I decided – no more can I take!!!…….
My Turkey wasn’t very big this year
But I wore a big grin from ear to ear…..

Sherry Falling Leaf Jones
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Re: Ole Burt

Post by Hope »

This is so FUNNY!!! I got a good laugh out of Ole Burt!

God Bless You Love Eva
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