Two Little Girls On The Stairs

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Two Little Girls On The Stairs

Post by norman »

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Two little girls
Where going up the stairs
Running and playing
Without any cares

They tripped and fell
And tumbled back down
They looked like monkeys
With the circus in town

They got back up
With a silly little grin
Then decided to go back up
And do it all over again

They went up and down
Those big stairs
They rolled all around
Like some panda bears

Then they got on the bed
And jumped up and down
Someone said they was silly
As any circus clown

They made noises
And acted like big apes
It all started when, they
Ate jelly made from grapes

Written 3/12/2014 by Norman Hale Jr.
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Re: Two Little Girls On The Stairs

Post by Hope »

I bet I know who this was written about it brought a smile to my face.

God Bless You Eva
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Re: Two Little Girls On The Stairs

Post by Sherbear »

This is exactly what they'd do too, liitle munchkins that they are. Wow have you ever gotten them rotten baby, lmbo!!! :lol:
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