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A friend is like an oasis in the desert,
A well from which fresh water overflows,
The morning ocean in the Summer breeze,
A true friend is the calmness after the storm blows.

We are Online friends -whom we trust
In the world of Cyberland.
Wonderful messages you always send,
You are always ready to give a helping hand.

A true friend is a fountain or well
Loaded with uplifting smiles,
Like an open sky so deep and blue.
Even with friends who are across the miles,
A perfect friend is a dear portrait of you.

The sand castles, the bay breeze,
The sunset, and the morning dew,
All these wonderful things
Remind me so much of you.

Love is a powerful energy,
The flowing river that makes the world go round.
Love may come from all corners,
A loyal friend is an example -where true love abound.

Thank you, my friend, for being who you are!
I express my gratitude with a grateful heart.
I am closer than you may think,...
Even though I am miles away so far.

AUTHOR: MS. MONICA. (Re-Written and Posted here by January 28, 2022)
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Post by DeaconSteve »

I have your poem saved to my documents Monica. Now, what do you want me to do with it. Best thing for me would to make a photo poem and send to you via email and then you can post on Facebook. I will try and have that done by Wednesday as I have chemo treatment that day and Thursday. Take care.
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