Presenting "The Gazebo, Volume Two" (An ongoing series)

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Presenting "The Gazebo, Volume Two" (An ongoing series)

Post by Judith Johnson Kypta » Wed Nov 07, 2012 12:44 pm

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If you have enjoyed Volume One of The Gazebo, you will certainly find yourself becoming absolutely engrossed in the affairs of the main characters, in Volume Two. This edition continues, with the tale of several interesting people, and how their trust in God, and ever-present faith, paves their way!. Learn all about the trials and tribulations, that are encountered, in this closely knit community. Laura, a widow and mother of two, believed she would never wed again. Yet, a few years later, she is taken by surprise, and finds that she is in love with her "hired hand." Laura and John wed, and are very happy and well adjusted, when a letter arrives in the mail. A letter that could change their lives, a great deal. Laura finds comfort in her frequent visits to the Gazebo. It is there, that she prays for answers, fortifies her faith, and finds peace.
Click on link above to order. This volume will also be available at around 11-9-12
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