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Post by Brenda Pike » Sun Aug 30, 2015 8:27 pm

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I've always been one to have fire in my rump on any political issues, but now I'm not so much fired up, as fed up with this administration, and their ‘Marxist, Muslim, Racist Agenda’. Aren't you?
Trump, to me, has put aside “Political Correctness” (thank God) which has all but left us devoid of any ‘Freedom of Speech’ in America. He has struck a nerve with those who are madder than hell at this gluttonous, over-sized government, and our “Lawless Leader!”
If you listen to those who are candidates running for president right now, do you really think most have the best interest of America and her people at heart? It’s politics as usual from the ‘Good ol’ Boy’s Club’ back in DC where money and power, (even ruthless unconstitutional power) rules. Their speeches are sugar-coated with promises they have no intension of keeping. No thanks! We've heard that BS too many times before…
I'm sick and tired of illegal aliens, (no, they’re NOT undocumented immigrants) taking tax payer dollars by the billions in each and every state in the union to lay about and have an anchor baby every year in order to get more handouts, and a bigger Social Security or Welfare check while refusing to work, or speak English. And I have no better liking for all the Muslims Obama and his ilk have brought in by dark of night to live in, and take over cities by their very number, and then force Sharia Law on the inhabitants. Does he not know most would just as soon cut off our heads as to look at us? But, oh how they scream about THEIR RIGHTS, and how they or their precious Koran has been offended. I say, “Go back to the desert hole you crawled out of in that wonderful 3rd world country, and keep any laws you want, but THIS IS AMERICA! If you want to live here, then become American! Don’t bring your rules and religious laws to us to have to abide by. No other immigrants have ever done that because they knew what a gift we were giving them to immigrate here and become one of us…
My God, what have we come to? Our leaders and half the population are turning their backs on our forefathers, Capitalism, and everything that made America great these past 239 years!
Open your eyes, you luke-warm voters and Christians who say “God is in Control” (and yes, he is to a degree) so I don’t have to get off my backside to vote and change what is inevitable.
God is no weakling….He wants us to have our own will and make our own choices, good or bad, as well as be in partnership with Him. This world was not set up for Him to make all our choices for us like some mindless puppet. We’re not made in His image to just sit on the sidelines as the country goes to Hell & the Devil rejoices.
We need someone who has guts and grit (like Trump), and will clean out this hell-hole Obama has created.
If we miss our chance to elect someone with intelligence and grit who’s not beholdin’ to any lobbyists in Washington DC or Wall Street, then it’s over for America, and more low-life- scum will be running this country further into the ground than it already is—If we think we are in trouble now, hold on to your hats, things are gonna get a whole lot worst!
I say, if we need boots on the ground in a war against ISIS, so be it! If we don’t take it to them, they’ll bring it to us! ((You can bet the farm on that!) They’re already here in their training camps planning our (the infidel’s) demise.

Brenda Pike…………©2015

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