A throw-away society where nothing is valued.

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A throw-away society where nothing is valued.

Post by sillysal47 » Wed Dec 31, 2014 3:54 pm


Living is a strenuous journey--
where everything seems expendable.
Expendable folks sitting in bars--
expendable clothing, expendable cars--
youth on replay—age tarnishes mars.
Computer worship, video games …
few venture outdoors. This world’s insane.
Happiness wavers. Who can we blame?

Love is still sought … but expendable.
Working people aren’t dependable.
Expendable income and pension
everything larger, pro expansion.
Expendable animals, children …
everything garbage, nothing is treasured.
The things valued—freedom and pleasure!
One thing we cannot control … weather.

Righteousness is downplayed, a ‘bother,’
when everything is expendable.
Expendable pregnancies flourish--
nothing expendable we’ll nourish.
We’re wasteful, rotten, and churlish.
No morals, self-centeredness rising
humility, compassion, dying.
We turn to do things death defying.

When nothing much matters, chaos reigns.
Illegal or not … all’s possible.
Life, expendable, has no meaning.
In our mirrors parade greed, preening.
Do know that the ‘end’ is beginning.
Selfish and vain, mankind rules insane.
Those who worship … expendable … slain.
Is free will (God given) to bear blame?

When all that counts is … expendable?
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