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Post by condorfromtheandes » Tue Aug 19, 2014 11:09 am


Hi Friends and Readers,
I let you know that I’ll be –TEMPORARILY- going OFFLINE from this moment on, due to physical disabilities and emotional health issues (e.g. asthma attacks, allergy, cardiac tachycardia -fast heartbeats-, swelling of my legs and feet, lymphatic system disorders, varicose veins, nervous breakdowns, panic attacks, stress, just to name a few wrong things), plus serious personal matters.
I am in an absolute state of bewilderment. I tell the truth…
Last week, at daybreak about 6 a.m., on Tuesday August 12th, I received an anonymous phone call with a life threatening message asking for a large amount of dollars in exchange for my daughter’s life…
The evil voice said that my girl had been kidnapped, and a motorcycle would pick up the money which I should leave at a certain given point. The voice also added that they wouldn’t hesitate to kill her and me, if I refused to obey their demands. I told the voice that I did not have money, no key, and
had no freedom to leave my place…
At that point, I felt the stress invading my blood vessels, I had troubles with breathing and a bad tachycardia which were taking place all over me…
I was unable to carry on, so I hung up the home phone, used my inhaler, lay down in bed for a little while in order to recover my poor health. Then, I called Dr. Paul to the Hospital with my cellular phone to inform him about these things. I also called my daughter in New York. It was really early morning.
Thanks God, she was just fine!...
Then, I also called the U.S. Embassy Overseas –American Citizens Services- to report the fact that I was a subject of extortion, and the life threatening event to us.
The one in charge there said that they would NOT be able to help or escort American Citizens Overseas, and I should figure out how I could return back to the U.S. ground Homeland in order to FEEL SAFE.
She also wrote down in the computer what I had said.
You see, I have been publishing many true stories Online since 2005 about my ordeals.
It has already been 9 years (2005-2014). I appeal to the Lord to intervene in my life.
I think this plight with the extortion over the phone was the last straw that breaks the camel’s back.
I feel my life is done. There is NO JUSTICE in this passing world.
I GOT NO HELP. People ignored me. I feel doomed, sad, scared!
I am unable to go on like this. My life has been shattered in million pieces…
I am still waiting for God to perform a miracle in my life.
God may bless you all!
So Long, Dear Readers!
Just Me, Sad Me. :(

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Post by Hope » Tue Aug 19, 2014 12:46 pm

Hang in there God will take Good care of you! And I will be Praying.

God Bless You Love Eva

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