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Posted: Thu May 17, 2012 7:50 pm
by poet1108
1. As a result of my computer being hacked and information taken, I have been informed by my two computer guys who have worked for two days now making certain everything is back in order on my computer including finding hidden potentially damaging files, that it is imperative I inform everyone on my email list the following. For a few of you, some of this may be duplicate words, but some of it is not. The link below was sent to me by the TeamViewer, the company whose software the hacker "George" used to get into my system. Yes, there is a lot to read....but your time spent doing so will be well worth the effort.


2. If you do NOT have caller id, I strongly urge you to get caller id and ONLY answer the calls whose number you recognize. Sadly, I picked up the call thinking it was the out-of-state Amazon LLC from whom I have been receiving scam type emails...more on that later. Only after the hacking and my loss of some $495 being charged to my credit card through PayPal and PayPal stopping that transaction as they recognized the individual "George" and had already closed his paypal account where he could not get my monies nor anyone elses.

3. When George called back, I answered and he wanted to know where his money words---I AM NOT TALKING TO YOU and I hung up....before I could block his call, he called back. This time, he left a self-convicting voicemail and for that reason I now have him "harassing" me for the funds .....this call will be heard by the deputy at the sheriff's dept and any FBI person up the road with whom I still have to turn in reports. And yes, AFTER his voicemail, I did block his call.

4. IMPORTANT: the only two emails I have are those here: and

DO NOT RESPOND TO ANY EMAIL stating it is from me.....I am in a foreign country, have lost my purse with my passport, credit cards, etc and you need to immediately send XXX-amount of dollars to me at a named account and respond to my new email address.

I am still in Huachuca City and will be for quite some time cleaning up this hacking mess. I do not know how many telephone calls I have had to make but am most grateful for Roger's intuitiveness to see that I have unlimited time on my cell phone. Further most everyone to whom I have spoken have been very understanding and kind regarding this situation. A number of them because of who they are know of the hacker and know that the number he is using is a 374 prefix out of New York. He has a definite accent as being from India.

5. I will be removing myself from Facebook. Again, have learned that kind of social outlet may lead to even more trouble for me. I will miss seeing many of you and those with whom you are associated.

6. As a security measure, I have addressed the email I have sent out to those on my email list to me and will send to others using B/C. Again, hopefully so others cannot see to whom I am emailing. This is something I was informed I should do and in forwarding any and ALL emails, remove names of others that inadvertently had been sent my way. There are too many out there using and abusing other's email contacts.

This has taken not only an emotional toll on me as I feel that not only has my computer been violated but so have I. And with the emotional toll, my body is also feeling very physically drained. And some of this because of his great concern for me has rubbed off on Roger and he is feeling similarly emotionally and physically drained.

I more than realize there are others before me who have had their computers and themselves violated by hacking and it will continue to sadly be a problem.

Thank you for your listening eyes. This is NOT A GAME! THIS IS SERIOUS!



Posted: Thu May 17, 2012 8:35 pm
by poet1108
I have already received several telephone calls of concern regarding this message by saying the message is unbelievable....those of you who have ever been hacked can verify this message is true. Again, thanks for your concern......KayD


Posted: Fri May 18, 2012 9:16 am
by Hope
I recieved your message and will reply to it I wanted to make sure it was from you and now I know. Thank you so much for all the information I am happy you are getting things fixed.
God Bless You Eva


Posted: Fri May 18, 2012 10:21 am
by Pokey's Heart
So sorry for all the hassle you've experienced with this, Kay.


Posted: Fri May 18, 2012 11:00 am
by poet1108
I just pray no one has to go through a computer hacking and/or identity theft....both take their toll on body and emotions. Thank you, Pokey and Eva for your expressed concerns. May your days be blessed.....KayD