Rug Rats Ball

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Rug Rats Ball

Post by Guest » Mon Jul 25, 2005 9:14 pm

I was working on a story
but the words just would not come
when outside I heard them
the children on the run
I went outside and followed
they went through a crooked door
I tried but couldn't enter
something blocked my way and more
the world turned all fuzzy and I didn't know the score
the children came back to me
and gathered round about
they looked hard at each other
in their faces I saw doubt
in my head was squawking
tho only one was talking
and here is what he said
Alas he does not remember
he has gone beyond and more
for he can not enter
that funny crooked door
it's because he's a grown up
and in his prime you see
not at all like children who can be both wild and free
Well the children they did help me
to clear my mind and more
and with their help I made it
beyond the crooked door
we played among the stars
and drank from the milky way
tho it happened I don’t believe it
here in the light of day
so parents take heed
stay awake indeed
your children may be asleep
but out the door they’ll creep
and then come one come all
lets go to the Rug Rats Ball

Copyright July 2005
Charles R Collins

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