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Here Comes A Train

Posted: Mon Jun 25, 2018 11:25 pm
by norman
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Here Comes A Train

Well look down the railroad tracks
Look, here comes a train
Chug-chugging right a long
With it's head full of steam

With a smoke tower of black
As it puffs on like a champ
Turning those wheels of Steele
With only a lantern for a lamp

She's pulling a line of cars
With loads all their own
That just ads the pressure
That's more reason for her to moan

Be sure to be out of her way
As she passes you on by
Stand there in an awe
As that steel sounds like a cry

She's just following the rails of steel
That was fastened down to the ties
All put together by hours of sweat
From many of 'John Henry's' that died

Just think of the goods she's hauled
To many to count through the years
All thanks to many of gone souls
For all their blood sweat and tears

She's one left of a dying breed
As technology has been taking over
Many are replaced with semi-trucks
And so many track are grown over

So watch that old train
And admire it while you can
Because soon it will be replaced
Like everything else known to man

Sit back and enjoy the chug-a-lug
And listen to her whistle moan
As she puffs on down the tracks
on the rails across the ties and stone

Written 6/25/2018 by Norman Hale Jr.
© 2018 Norman (All rights reserved)