Bill Gets Beat Up!

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Bill Gets Beat Up!

Post by Sherbear » Sat May 10, 2014 2:51 pm

(This is a new poem for Normans oldest little girl. She has an pretend boyfriend named Bill, lol)

Bill Gets Beat Up!

One day Eva was outside
It was such a pretty day.
She'd already watered her flowers
Now she was hard at play.

But a sound made her stop
What was that? I hear humming!
She looked where the sound was at
It was Bill, and he was coming!

Eva was staring at Bill
All at once he looked up and saw her there.
He waved at her and said hi,
But Eva didn't answer, she continued to stare.

Her hands were now balled up into fists,
Her knuckles were white!
Because Miss Eva now was,
Ready to fight!

"I told you not to come back Bill
But here you are anyway!
You're a two timing, dirty rotten rat
And you're not going to have a good day!"

Eva lowered her head, she charged him like a bull,
Oh Miss Eva was very mad you know
In a second she knocked ole Bill down
Her fists were flying, she put on quite a show!

With every punch you heard her say,
'I told you not to ever come back!
Now you're getting beat up bad,
And both your eyes are black!"

Bill was crying and he was yelling,
"Leave me alone you mean ole witch!"
So Eva turned him into a frog,
And Bill hopped off to the ditch!

"Call me a witch will ya,
Well I'll show you what I can do!
I ought to just leave you a frog,
It would serve you right, the likes of you!"

But Eva twitched her little nose
And Bill was Bill once more.
Eva yelled at him as he was running away,
"Don't come back cause there's more in store!"

So Eva stood and watched ole Bill
As he ran clear outta town!
Then she got to laughing hard,
'Cause his pants had fallen down!

There he was a running,
Fast as fast could be
Crying and holding up his pants
Oh what a sight was he!!

And though Eva was laughing,
She already knew what she would do,
If Ole Bill came back into town
'Cause as for Bill she was through!

As a sly little grin came on her face,
She knew she'd do it too!
Let him come back to town again,
He'd see what she could do!

Sherry Falling Leaf Jones
Copyright 20014

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Re: Bill Gets Beat Up!

Post by Hope » Wed May 21, 2014 9:11 pm

This is so cute! Eva is one tough little girl!

God Bless You Love Eva

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