Everything Standing One Day Will Fall

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Sir Daniel
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Everything Standing One Day Will Fall

Post by Sir Daniel » Wed May 01, 2013 7:02 am


Everything Standing One Day Will Fall

Over his head the evening moon split
The tribe had gathered, the fire was lit
The old man started speaking, his voice old and frail
"Once in a life..." So began the tale

"The coyote ran without touching the ground
He could track the deer without making a sound
He ruled the forest with a clenched fist
Fear, to him.. did not exist

For 90 moons he spread terror far and wide
He hunted alone, death was his bride
The animals were helpless, they cried in the wind
The Great Spirit spoke, help he would send

That night the coyote had a dream
The dew on the grass vanished into steam
It twisted and changed before his eyes
A black cloud fell from the skies

He saw a tree move, it's branches sway
He tried to get up to run away
But he was held down, unable to run
Behind him, voices, spoke one by one"

"I want his legs" said the deer
"To run if I feel danger might be near"
"And I his vision" said the hawk
"For when I'm hungry and need to stalk"

"Every advantage the coyote allowed free
A new green leaf grew upon the tree
Each new leaf brought more sunshine
The forest grew fuller by such design"

, the old man said, "is why we depend
On everything working out equal in the end
Seasons change for the good of all
Everything standing, one day will fall.."

The old man stopped talking, the fire hissed
Evening moon was replaced by the morning mist
I closed my eyes, I could stay awake no longer
Summer was near and I knew I would be stronger..


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Janice Kennedy
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Re: Everything Standing One Day Will Fall

Post by Janice Kennedy » Wed May 01, 2013 10:23 am

What an amazing poem, Daniel.
I enjoyed reading it, my friend. Thank you
for sharing your talent, again!

Take care and God Bless, Jan ))(( )))(((

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