The Old Cowboy's Dream

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The Old Cowboy's Dream

Post by arvilj426 » Thu Dec 13, 2012 10:04 pm

The Old Cowboy’s Dream
He had done all the things a cowboy must do in order to just survive,
He always made sure he had what he needed in order to stay alive;
He herded the cattle and roped the steers and branded the calves and cows,
And each night as he laid his sore body down, he made some sacred vows;
He vowed someday he would hang up his spurs, and ride the range no more,
He promised himself he’d rest from his labors, and never be saddle sore;
He dreamed of a little farm of his own close by a clear flowing creek,
With a sweet country lady to cook his meals, and kiss his smooth shaven cheek;
A place where there were no rattlesnakes, and no coyotes to howl,
No rustlers to catch, no horse thieves to hang, and no wolves on the prowl;
All he wanted was a simple life, and not a lot of work to do,
Just maybe one horse, one hog and a cow, some chickens and a young un or two;
And maybe if the good Lord would be so kind, he could even put a few dollars back,
To buy his wife something pretty for Christmas, not made from an old feed sack;
Why, he might even settle close to a church, and put the young uns in Sunday school,
And teach them to love and fear the Lord, and to live by the Golden Rule;
Yes every night, at the end of the trail, these thoughts floated through his brain,
As he covered himself with his saddle blanket, just praying that it wouldn’t rain;
And then one night in late autumn, ‘neath the stars above an old camp site,
As the cold wind blew he knew there was something strange about this night;
Somehow the stars seemed dimmer than he’d ever seen them before,
And that darned wind just pierced his bones and chilled him to the core;
Not even the campfire could get him warm, as his body tossed and turned,
Then suddenly inside his heart, another kind of fire burned;
And then the old cowboy lay quite still, smiling ‘neath Heaven’s great dome,
He heard a voice from Heaven saying, “Ben, it’s time to come home”;
Then Old Ben awoke in a beautiful place like his eyes had never seen,
There was a river as clear as crystal, and the grass was tall and green;
The land spread out so far and wide like nothing he’d ever known,
Then like a flash his eyes were drawn toward a shining Throne;
He knew he’d reached the end of the trail, and had seen his last setting sun,
As the Savior beckoned to him saying, Well done cowboy, Well done.
© 2012 Arvil Jones

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Re: The Old Cowboy's Dream

Post by snoochie » Fri Dec 14, 2012 1:55 am

Oh, I love this! There has been many a long ride after 4 or 5 hours in the saddle that I've thought I had saddle sores! I can recall times when I tied my horse, swung out of the saddle, pulled down my jacket and rolled it under my head and both Snooch, Gunner and I would just take a wee bit of nap. Though, I'm not out west and I ride english, I can relate to this old bow-legged cowboy's lonely treks with all the time for dreams. What can I say, except wonderful story told in such a poetic manner. Thank you for bringing happy memories of long trail rides.
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Re: The Old Cowboy's Dream

Post by Hope » Fri Dec 14, 2012 8:48 am

I Love this too, you can write about anything and it always touches so many! This is one Awesome poem with a Wonderful story.

God Bless You Eva

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