A prayer fir victims of Hurricane Katrina

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A prayer fir victims of Hurricane Katrina

Post by Candy » Thu Sep 08, 2005 10:35 am

Dear Lord, thank you for this day, and thank you that I, myself have the ability to sit and type today. Lord, please be with the vitims of this horrendous hurricane. Please keep each and every one of them safe, Lord. Please bless them. Lord, please help the men and women down in Louisanna, Mississippi, and Alabama to keep searching and looking for people. Lord, I pray that you keep them safe, and out of harms way. Lord, I pray that the people in these places have food and water, as well as shelter. Lord, I pray that their lives get back to the style they are use to soon. And Lord, I pray that you will bless these people with work and help them to prosper. I pray that if there is someone out there that doesn't know you, Father, that they will come to know you, Lord. I pray that you will help each and every person in need, Lord. Thank you, Father, for dying for ours sins. Thank you, Lord for forgiveness. I ask all these things in your name, Father. AMEN!

I am from Northeastern Alabama. I am 18 years old. I have been praying for these victims. I can't imagine what it would be like to have my home submerged under water and have my life turned completely upside down. I just want everyone to be praying for these people.

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Post by sweetcandygirl62 » Sat Sep 17, 2005 10:30 am

AMEN to that we all need to reach in our hearts and give a little love and be with the people of this mishap. God be with you and your prayer and God bless you for your prayer.
Hugs Candie

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