Prayer for the Katrina victims

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Prayer for the Katrina victims

Post by Nene » Sun Sep 04, 2005 5:26 pm

Merciful Lord,
Grant the victims strength, courage, faith and hope to be able to cope with this tragedy. Lead the rescuers to where the stranded victims are.
Impart in all rescuers strength, wisdom, and compassion as they go about their rescue mission. Enable all workers, volunteers with stamina to continue searching for the missing victims. Bless all the souls of those who perished and welcome them into your Kingdom. Lord, please continue to help those who are trying to rebuild these great cities. Let there be good weather so that all rescue and recovery operations will be smooth. Bless all the people all around the world that sent help, of surrounding states that opened their hearts, wallet and homes to these suffering people. In Your Heavenly Name I pray. Amen.

mama lu

Katrina wake up america

Post by mama lu » Mon Sep 05, 2005 3:00 pm

:x wake up america!stop the Bush bashing.. White people trashing,no use in re-hashing the past cause it's gone! Media...Press.. influencial Jesse Jackson :evil: why the heck do you have to " stir the pot". :cry: ..and open wounds from our generations past wrong doings and make emenies of Blacks and Whites...AGAIN!!! You claim to be a man of GOD??? God said he who has commited no crime against his brother throw the first stone :!:
We need to pull together! :cry: We need to help out the victims of Katrina and all the hurt that was left behind in her wake. THIS IS NO TIME FOR MUD SLINGING :!: It is a time to do whatever you can :idea: to help. Be it prayer, a donation of clothes, food, money, housing, or manuel labor :!: Dear Lord, please help me to follow thru and do my part in helping all those affected in any way by the wrath of this storm.Please give us wings of urgency to lesson the pain of the Hearts and Bodies of our brothers and sisters..because in God's eye's we are all one Family... One Nation Under God...Amen :!: Carolyn Kelly Creed[/quote]

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