Dear Friends and Readers!...

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Dear Friends and Readers!...

Post by izzyfalcon » Wed Jun 11, 2014 12:30 pm

Dear Friends and Readers, write to me at home;

Israel Falcon
4105 Spring Street
Suite # 215
Mount-Pleasant Racine, Wisconsin 53405

Although I soon plan to move, yet once more; anyone who wishes to become my pen-pal, can write to me here at this current address; shortly I shall share with you all, my new permanent address. I anticipate it being, in Lakewood, Washington soon enough. By the beginning of July, mother and I,...shall arrive; to the state of Washington, as good Samaritans,...helping; an x-brother-in-law and old-family-friend, from childhood,…who’s: in real-need...

Duty calls, and I shall answer. Peter is an old personal friend, who has had his right-leg amputated,...most recently; due to diabetes. And, mother and I,...will attempt to assist; in his everyday needs. And, we shall,...according to how the Spirit; leads our Souls!... Peter Jozsa,…is his name. Please pray for him, he is truly a Gentle-Giant!... I have known Peter, since I was in the third-grade...

He is only 55 years old, and will have many challenges ahead of him. If you, (beloved-friends); should feel so inclined, to help Peter with donations,...I will make sure: he receives your Loving gestures. I will understand, if you want to keep your gift,...anonymous; never-the-less, it will assist him, with facing this traumatic change,…in his life. He’s barely getting-by, as it is,…with; his everyday basic living, expenses.

Should you decide, to mail him directly your free-will gift; here's his address...

Peter Jozsa
16611 14th Avenue / Ct. E
Spanaway, Washington 98387

He doesn't know, that I'm pleading for,…your participation, and prayers; in his behalf. But, should you (beloved-friends), decide to respond,…to this charitable cause; please feel free, to mention my name,…and of how you came to realize: his immediate need. I do not ask, for myself; but, rather,...we, (The Faithful): intercede, by asking for those whom,...are truly, the needy...Amen.

Or, you can send, your gifts to my address; and I give you my word, that it shall be forwarded to Peter's hand, mother and I...

Meanwhile, I am grateful to Almighty-God, for all the correspondence which keeps pouring in, my inbox; your prayers, comments and concerns I have always enjoyed receiving. Thank you, for the camaraderie and the fellowship which we share,; Christ-Jesus!...

Remember always, that I shall forever remain,...most affectionately yours; and to keep looking-up, because our Redeemer,...draws near...Amen.

Your Friend,

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